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Letter from the Executive Director

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Outside The Four Walls outreach ministry is a ministry that focuses on helping individuals in a time of need regardless of one’s race, religion or nationality.

Our goal is to make sure individuals in distress have the necessities they need to survive in troublesome times. We make sure those who enter into our programs, basic needs are met. We provide food, shelter, clothing, education, transportation, spiritual awareness and resources to individuals and their families.

We are nondenominational, all are welcome, we focus on the needs of individuals and not their religion or race. God is Love and He loves all of us in His own way. We at Outside the four walls outreach ministry have a moto:


Our goal is to one day open a facility larger enough to hold 30 homeless individuals. Including a place where we can come together in prayer and fasting. The building would be a place of refuge, for families who may need a temporary place regroup.

We donate backpacks, school supplies, and school clothes for the winter, to children who are in need. We also help with blankets and winter clothes for those in the shelters during the winter.

Once a year, we donate a new computer to a family who does not have one in their home due to lack of funds. Once We are blessed with our building, homeless individuals would have a place to shower and eat. Outside The Four Walls outreach ministry has free Bibles and books for individuals who are interested.

To keep our ministry running we depend on your donations and gifts. Every donation is tax deductible and can be written off at the end of the year. You can always donate food, winter clothes, books, toiletries, toys for Christmas, school supplies, blankets, computers or vans for transportation. All donations are welcome. May God bless all of us during this time of distress on the nations.

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